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 Solar Power Systems

Membership & Accreditation

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  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
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  • 2012 Industry Award Winner
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  • Housing Industry Association
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How Solar Works

A grid connect photovoltaic system consists of photovoltaic modules (typically installed on a North facing unshaded roof) and an inverter which converts the DC electricity generated by the solar modules into AC electricity for connection to the electricity grid.

How a Photovoltaic System can save you money

The solar PV system will be connected to the grid via net metering.  This mean that the electricity generated is consumed within your house first which reduces how much electricity you buy from your retailer.  This is where you will make the majority of your saving - not buying as much electricity from your retailer.

If the solar PV system is generating more electricity than your house is consuming, the excess is exported to the electricity grid.  The price paid to you for electricity you export to the grids varies depending on who your retailer is - we recommend you contact your electricity retailer to confirm what export tariff they will pay you.  This will help to provide an additional saving on your electricity bill.

1 - Solar modules are installed on the roof of your property and capture the sun's energy and convert it into DC electricity

2 - An inverter is installed on the wall of your house and converts the DC electricity into AC electricity for connection to the grid and supplying the loads within your property

3 - With net metering, the electricity generated by solar system supplies the loads running within your property first, with any excess generation being export to the electricity grid

4 / 5 - A net meter is installed which records any excess energy being exported to the electricity grid