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 Solar Power Systems

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Domestic Grid Connect

Now is the time to take advantage of solar power for your home. Solar Technology is a leader in the field of both the design and installation of grid connected solar systems. We have installed over 500 domestic systems from 1kW to 10kW.

Installing a solar power system on your house is an environmentally friendly & cost effective way of generating your own electricity and reducing your environmental footprint.

It can be a little confusing knowing where to start, so we have broken it down to 4 simple steps to help you get your solar project off the ground.


1. Learn about Solar

It's a good idea to start by familiarising yourself with the basics of how Solar PV systems work so that you know what you're buying.

To help you we've put together:

For more detail, consult the Clean Energy Council's comprehensive "Consumer guide to household solar panels".


2. Carry out a Do-it-Yourself solar feasibility check


Next, asking a few important questions now will save you a lot of hassle later on.

Q. Is my site suitable for solar?

Most but not all house roofs are suitable for solar. Ideally we would look for:

 Roofs which face a northerly orientation

Due north is best, but North-east or North-west roofs are also acceptable. You can determine the orientation of your roof by using a compass or by looking it up on a map.

Sites without shading

Shading from trees or nearby buildings can adversely affect the performance of your solar PV system. Observe what hours of day your roof receives sunlight.

Sites with enough space

Consider carefully how to optimise your roof space. If you are thinking about installing solar hot water, skylights or a tv aerial later on, it might be best to position these so that there is enough space for your solar PV system.

Q. What size system is right for me?

Each solar PV system is rated in terms of its solar generation capacity in kilowatts (kW). To determine what size system is the best choice for your home you might like to consider.

  • How much are is available for solar 
  • The amount of energy you would like to generate 
  • Your budget

3. Arrange a quote

We only quote by appointment so please contact us to arrange an obligation free solar consultation.  Contact us on (02) 9555 2042 or via info@solartech.com.au and ask for a copy of our latest price guide.

4. Installation

Most residential solar PV systems take one day to install. We arrange connection to the grid shortly after your installation and take care of all the paperwork to make your installation run smoothly including metering and STCs.