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Sealite SL10 Marine Lantern
SL10img1The SL10 is a heavy-duty LED Light Fixture designed to operate in conjunction with existing or purpose-built power supplies and offer maintenance-free service over a wide range of environmental conditions. More detail
Sealite SL125 LED Marine Lantern
SL125img1The SL125 LED marine lantern is maintenance-free and used by many of the world's busiest ports and largest militaries. The lantern is available with up to 4 tiers of 36 LEDs (144 LEDs in total), for complete flexibility to suit varying applications.  More detail
Sealite SL125/C-Type 1 Marine Lantern Complete Assembly
SL125C T1img1The SL125/C Type 1 Complete Lantern Assembly provides a complete solution for visual navigation requirements.  More detail
Sealite SL125/C-Type 2 Complete Assembly
SL125C T2img1The SL125/C Type 2 Complete Lantern Assembly (SL125/C.T2) incorporates a larger battery housing to the standard SL125/C Type 1 assembly, enabling great autonomy particularly in low sunlight regions.  More detail
Sealite SL15 Marine Lantern
CMSThumbnail SL15img1The Sealite SL15 1-2nm+ compact LED light is exceptional value and incorporates some of the most advanced technology available. In the tradition of Sealite lanterns, the SL15 is designed to be maintenance-free and have a service life of over 5 years.   More detail
Sealite SL23/SL24 Self Contained Lantern
SL23 SL24img1Sealite’s 3–5nm+ lanterns represent a traditional approach to marine navigation, combined with the advantages of LED technology. More detail
Sealite SL50/SL52 Self Contained Lantern
SL50 SL52img1Sealite’s 3–5nm+ lanterns represent a traditional approach to marine navigation, combined with the advantages of LED technology. More detail
Sealite SL60 Solar Marine Lantern
SL60img1The Sealite SL60 is the world’s most popular and versatile 2–3nm+ solar marine light. More detail
Sealite SL70 Solar Marine Lantern
SL70img1The Sealite SL70 is exceptional in its unique ability to be able to ‘track the sun’ and operate reliably in low sunlight conditions. The SL70 has been proven to operate as a 2–3+ nautical mile compact buoy lantern in various low sunlight environments such as Britain, Canada and Europe. More detail
Sealite SLC310 Solar Marine Lantern
SLC310img1The SLC310 is a robust, completely self-contained 3–5nm+ Solar LED Lantern specifically designed to withstand the tough marine environment, providing years of reliable, low-maintenance service. The 3 & 4 hole bolt pattern base fits directly onto existing 200mm OD industry standard mounts for ease of installation. More detail

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